Official website of Indian Academy of Pediatrics Kerala State Branch

Indian Academy of Pediatrics was established in 1963, at Mumbai with a little more than 150 Pediatricians as its members. The Indian Academy of Pediatrics is committed to the improvement of the health and well-being of all children. For this purpose, the Academy dedicates its efforts and resources. At present, there are over 32,000 members across the country. It is well structured in 5 Zones having 30 State Branches. Which are again distributed in 329 District / City branches. The Academy has promoted different specialities in the field of Pediatrics through its 20 Subspecialty Chapters and 8 Subspecialty Groups.

IAP is the largest and most representative association of Pediatricians in India as compared with other organizations of medical specialities that are often fragmented and segmented. This indicates the unity that the association has been able to maintain among its members over the past 57 years.

One of the major activities undertaken by the IAP since its inception has been to organize Continuing Medical Education (CME) programs by holding conferences, symposia, lectures and other meets all over the country.

Even in the year 2020, during the COVID 19 pandemic, IAP  did a commendable job. IAP organised webinars, virtual conferences, educational talks, scientific program and community awareness program for Pediatricians as well as for parents and student. Many of the best international speakers have attended and guided in this session. It has greatly benefited all the Pediatricians as well as the community.

Pediatrics as a subject was relatively underrepresented in the undergraduate curriculum in the 1950s but IAPs efforts resulted in the subject receiving more importance and being recognized as a separate discipline.

The Government of India recognized the strength and unity of the IAP and has, over the years, invited the participation and critical appraisal of Child health programs initiated by Central and State Governments.

IAP’s head office is in Mumbai, while Delhi is the seat of its official publication – Indian Pediatrics, an indexed journal. Another journal – Indian Journal of Practical Pediatrics, is published from Chennai and has become a popular source of scientific information