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A pediatrician working in a teaching institution encounters a lot of difficult cases and challenges. In a Govt. set up we won’t be in a position to do the ideal investigations or give ideal treatment. Here are a few real challenging situations our treating team faced. These case scenarios are given for the benefit of post graduates of pediatrics. My plan is to give you the challenge as we faced. Suppose you were in our position what you would have done. Next week I ll tell you how we analyzed the scenario and took decision and the outcome . Few of these cases our decisions were right and patient saved and few we miserably failed. We learned from mistakes and these pages are an effort to pass on this to the younger generation not to repeat the same mistakes. I hope seniors also will participate to make this a good discussion and sharing of experiences. Here I am ready to face criticisms. Let this be a battlefield of ideas—and arguments. Be bold to give opinion and criticize. Whenever you come with argument for or against, please try to give standard reference .Only the seniors are expected to quote personal experiences. Keep away our egos. I request all the post gradates to be members of IAP and participate in all the academic activities of our association.


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